Drug Crimes Are Serious and you need a good Drug Charge Defense

You can find the Minnesota Drug Crime statutes by CLICKING HERE

Different drugs are assigned to different schedules with Marijuana and Heroin being Schedule I drugs and drugs like Cocaine falling under Schedule II.

The level of offense that you face when charged with a drug crime is decided based on the type of drug and the amount involved. The five degrees of drug crimes that you might face are all felonies.  The exact charges that you might face can be varied because of the different fact patterns that are involved in your arrest.

Possession of drugs for personal use is generally much less serious than if you possess an amount that indicates that you sell drugs.

If you are caught with drugs while committing another crime, even something like a traffic violation, the drug crime will often drug_charge_defense_and_drug_crimesbecome the more serious charge.  If you are caught actually selling drugs, then that will obviously be a more serious offense.

It is very important to understand that the police have to have probable cause to stop  you, search you, arrest you and charge you.  There often many challenges that an attorney can make to challenge probable cause or the evidence that the police may have obtained after your arrest.  These challenges can be a huge part of preparing your drug charge defense.

There are also many tools available to lawyers to help minimize the impact of a drug charge, especially if it is your first offense or is not one of the more serious drug charges.  There are “diversion programs” that you may be eligible for that will result in the drug charges not going on your permanent criminal record of you follow the rules of the program.

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