DWI / DUI Defense That Is Effective

DUI_Attorney_Minneapolis_MNWith over 26 years of experience in providing effective criminal defense to people charged with DUI  or DWI, Steve can provide you with a vigorous criminal DUI defense.  He has successfully litigated and negotiated hundreds of DUI and DWI cases throughout his career.  He will listen to your side of the story and leave no stone unturned to obtain the best possible outcome in your case.

DWI / DUI Charges Are Serious

While it is true that DUI and DWI charges are one of the more common criminal cases and they don’t carry the social stigma that they once did, they are still very serious.  For most people charged with DUI or DWI, it only means that you made a bad decision to dwi_charges_minnesotadrive after you consumed alcohol or drugs.  With the “under the influence” being just .08, it is easy to think that you are legal to drive when in fact, you are not.  Minnesota takes DUI / DWI very seriously, and multiple offenses can result in enhanced penalties.

DUI / DWI Prosecution

Most DUI / DWI cases are handled by the city where the offense occurred.  So if you received your DUI or DWI charges in Minneapolis, the city will handle the prosecution.  In suburbs like Maple Grove, Plymouth, Edina or other cities, their attorneys will handle the prosecution of your case.  Many cities hire law firms to deal with their criminal cases.

DUI_defense_minneapolis_attorneyWhen you first go to court for your “First Appearance”, the prosecutor handling your case may not be the one that is ultimately responsible for your cases disposition.  Your DUI Defense attorney will be able to start a dialogue with the law firm or lawyer handling your case, but not much else usually happens during your first appearance.

Timing Is Very Important For Your DUI / DWI Defense

When you are charged with DUI or DWI, you will usually receive a notice of Drivers License Revocation.  It is very important that you understand that there are strict timelines that your DUI Defense lawyer must stick to if you want to effectively challenge your drivers license revocation.  If you go to your first appearance without an attorney, they may give you a date to return to court that is past the time limit required to challenge your drivers license revocation.  This is but one reason that you need to get a lawyer involved in your DUI Defense as soon as possible.

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