Sex Crime Attorney

Sex Crimes are some of the most serious charges that anyone can face and they can result in serious penalties including significant fines and long periods of prison.  Additionally, plea bargaining down sex charges can still result in life-long impacts such as sex offender registration.  This can result in a permanent record that keeps you from getting jobs and can hinder all of your social interactions in the future.

Sex Crime Evidence

Unfortunately, evidence proving sex crimes is often the most unreliable and subjective.  False accusations and innuendo can result in a sex crime allegation becoming more serious as time goes on.  A simple accusation of inappropriate sexual conduct can be damaging to your professional career and can cause havoc with your reputation and is a reason why you should have an experienced criminal attorney working to defend you as soon as possible if you are facing any type of sex crime accusation.

Sex crime accusations are often based on unreliable he-said-she-said statements.  People will lie about sex for many reasons.  An attorney can investigate the facts surrounding the allegation to find out where the weaknesses are and then vigorously point out those weaknesses to the prosecution.  This may help get the charges dropped or at least aid in plea-bargaining the charges down to where they have less impact on your life.

Types of Sex Crime Cases